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Bac-Flo Unlimited, Inc is a Backflow Technical Training Center wBackflow Courses Training Schedulehere we train you to SPEAK BACKFLOW®.   Our backflow courses are for those needing a backflow tester license or need to renew their current backflow license.   We offer Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Training; Backflow Certification & Backflow Recertification training in San Antonio, Houston, Texas


Our backflow certification course training instructors are qualified as American Backflow Prevention Association proctors and approved by the TCEQ and TSBPE. They hold several licenses and certifications in the areas of plumbing, irrigation and other water related fields along with having extensive hands-on experience in the backflow prevention industry in regard to both the backflow tester and enforcement personnel.

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Backflow Testers who 'SPEAK BACKFLOW'®...

  • "Instructors have plenty of knowledge about cross connections & testing, very patient and humble".

  • "Very thorough class, good hands on training".

  • "I'm surprised by the amount of information I learned in the short amount of time. I look forward to future dealings with Bac-Flo Unlimited".

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Backflow Course Highlights

  • Free backflow gauge certification for renewal students

  • Free in-field troubleshooting assistance after completion of 40 hr. backflow tester course

  • Individually mounted testing stations interchangeable by the students themselves (#1 student rated)

  • TCEQ training credits for other water licenses

  • National ABPA tester certification available

  • Two backflow instructors minimum for hands on training

  • Learn from actual field and enforcement experience   

Bac-Flo Unlimited: "Don't Settle for Less!"

*Free Backflow Gauge Certifications - One free gauge certification is available to each enrolled student in a continuing education course.  This service is offered at no charge at the time of attendee's course. Gauge testing is not part of course instruction, though Bac-Flo Unlimited can offer this service due to the advantage of having two instructors for every course.

*Free Backflow Troubleshooting Assistance - After completing the 40 hr. tester or 24 hr. renewal course, backflow prevention assembly testers can contact one of our instructors for in-field assistance in the troubleshooting and repair of backflow prevention assemblies. In most instances they can help solve your problem over the phone.

*Two Backflow Instructors - This is beneficial in the hands-on training for backflow prevention assembly testers. It enables the student the opportunity to have personal one-on-one training with an instructor.

*National ABPA Tester Certification - This certification is useful for testers who plan to test backflow prevention assemblies outside of Texas. The course and training material are the same as for the standard state certification, with the written exam and tester certification issued by the American Backflow Prevention Association. Add $150 to the price of the 40 hr. tester course for national tester certification.

*TCEQ Training Credits - Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) training credits are provided with all courses for Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers and for other water licenses when attending the 40 Hr. Tester or 8 Hr. Fundamental Course. CEUs are also provided by the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners for credit toward obtaining a Plumbing Inspector's License.

*Best Backflow Hands-on Training - Our backflow assembly testing stations are individually mounted and spread out in courses with available seating for students. Assemblies consist of all four types of and are interchangeable by the students themselves. This results in an optimized learning environment with a relaxed atmosphere and the opportunity for one-on-one training with an instructor.

*Learn from Experience - Courses are taught by experienced instructors in the areas of enforcement, testing, troubleshooting and repairing backflow prevention assemblies. You will learn first hand the dos and donts. Cross connection control and backflow prevention is our primary focus.

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Gauge Certifications

Gauge Accuracy Verification You Can Trust

Differential pressure gauges are required to be tested for accuracy when purchased and annually thereafter by most local jurisdictions. This service is provided by Bac-Flo Unlimited which verifies gauge accuracy to plus or minus .2 psid in accordance with N.I.S.T. national standards. Upon precise verification a detailed certification report is provided in reference to the gauge serial number and testing company. The fee for each gauge certification is $60.00. Shipping address for gauges: Bac-Flo Unlimited, Inc., 215 West Bandera Road, Suite 114-455, Boerne, TX 78006. Include $20 for return shipping along with company address and phone number. There is usually a two to three day turn around time for getting it shipped back to you.

Our gauge testing/certification service is performed only by Troy Baird. He is Bac-Flo Unlimited's employee with over 16 years experience in testing and certifying gauges. If there are any concerns about your gauge Troy will be personally contacting you. For additional information about gauge certifications feel free to contact us by phone or email.